CHALLENGE.....awesome me

I have been toying with the idea of this challenge in my head for a few days now. This week's focus takes a bit of a detour off of funny road and points to serious land. This is part of the reason for the delay in posting. I hesitate to put anything too "deep" on this blog....so please bare with me.

After traveling for a week and then spending my midnight baby nursing hour catching up on blogs last night, I noticed a recurring theme. Many, many blogs have similarities: cute pics of kids/pets/spouse, cute stories, funny stories and journaling.
Another recurring theme: lately, it seems many women have posted about inadequacies. Or, rather feeling inadequate.

We go to the grocery store and see the woman with the perfect body- or the one with designer clothes.
My children are screaming for candy and the well-behaved children in the cart next to me are happily clutching their healthy carrot sticks.

What about blog surfing and thinking while seeing pictures:
Why is my house not as fancy/clean/cute as theirs?
She seems effortlessly beautiful.
Those kids are cute.... do mine look that cute to others?

I would like to steal an invented word from my good friend and "psychologize" for a moment. Please note, this is all from the not-so-genius head of mine and may include not-so-genius theories........

In our teens, most of us are awkward feeling, self conscious and highly aware of what others may/may not think. We grow up, we realize that life is so much better when we really become ourselves and allow those around us to truly see who we are. If any of you are like me, only a select few actually see the "real me." I worry about if what I say is really funny- or is it just to me? Why do I not worry about my make-up being perfect- except when I visit my hometown?
We think to ourselves, "If only......I lose x amount.....I had cuter decorations.....I could get my hair cut....I had more money." Even though we are mostly all grown up and know these thoughts are silly, we still do it.

I think that blogging has opened up a powerful, wonderful world for many of us. However, I think that it has also opened up a new venue for women to use for comparison. As if we didn't do this enough already.

49 of you voted on a poll a few weeks ago. 49 of you, (myself included), voted that you are not happy with your current weight, and several other things about yourselves. Why can't we accept, first and foremost, ourselves?

My mother has a quote on her mirror. Usually I tend to roll my eyes a little at such things, but this I love:

There is nothing noble in being superior to your fellow man, but there is something noble in being superior to your former self.

We don't need to be as good as, pretty as, smart as, clean as.... Isn't it funny how even as adults, we have to be reminded of the same lessons we teach our kids. For instance, after much whining, I say to my 4-year-old: Don't worry about what your sister is doing. You are different people. You like different things. It is ok. Worrying doesn't do any good... and on and on.

And thus, we have this week's challenge, the:

Awesome Me Challenge

If only for a week, you must make extra effort to think positive about yourself!

The requirements:

In three places, (IE: a note in your pocket, your blog & comments here), you must list 5 things good about yourself.
Now, be serious! 5 real things- sincerely wonderful things about yourself.

If you notice yourself comparing; stop. Take a deep breath and review your 5 things.
Also, find one sincere reason to like the person you are comparing yourself to.

Read your 5 things out loud sometime during the day, every day until the end of the week.

Being superior to your former self? I think that it is so important to be happy with who we are, content with what we have- but also trying to improve- not just wanting to. There is nothing wrong with trying to better ourselves- the key is to do it for ourselves- not in order to compete with others. Find the one thing about yourself that you really want to change, and take that first itsy bitsy baby step in the right direction. And, try to be satisfied w/that first step.

I have such a long ways to go on this challenge. I need to look at the pictures on your blogs and be happy for your beautiful homes, clean faced/no snot noses/darling children. AND, to quit wishing a few things were different, accept what I can't change, be happy with what I have and put a little effort into a little self-improvement........ even if that means just doing 10 sit ups each day instead of none.

Have a positively happy week!


  1. Okay, my 5 things: 1)I have great hair. Even if I don't feel like doing anything but blowdrying it(Which is often) it looks nice. 2)I have a sense of humor that comes in handy for difficult situations. 3)I'm frugal. I don't have the problem with wasteful spending and wanting things that others often have. My husband is especially grateful for this quality! 4) I'm patient. Most of the time I keep my cool with the kids, my husband, etc. really well. 5) I'm great at listening. I don't always have the feedback that people want to hear, but I try my hardest to be honest and genuinely care about what they're saying.

    Phew! Thanks for this challenge, I think we all can use something like this once in a while. I'm definately going to participate in this one!

  2. I accept this challenge! I need this challenge! It is so easy to pick out the bad in myself, and look over the good, so here are 5 good things about me!
    1. I am able to make connections with people. That is to say that the people in my life feel my love for them.
    2. I have pretty eyes.
    3. I am a good cook.
    4. I am thoughtful.
    5. I have a good singing voice.

    That is not easy! Hopefully by the end of the challenge it will be a bit easier, and I will feel better about myself!

  3. My five:
    I make very good cookies.
    I tend to be a magnet for little children- they really do like me.
    I can fit into some of my pre-baby pants.
    I can take seemingly junky home decor and make it look good.
    I have a green thumb when it comes to growing pumpkins. Random, I know.

    Wow! That is hard- but is a nice reminder.

  4. What a wonderful blog. Keep up the not-so-genius work. I love it.

    1. I hide my "crystal blue" eyes behind glasses, but I know of their beauty when I look at myself without them.
    2. I am very good at entertaining. I love to hear people laughing and having a good time.
    3. I am very creative. I can make a science project on the way to school out of things in my purse.
    4. I am independent. I am happily married but he gives me the freedom to be me.
    5. I love my hair. Messy, or put up .. it has a natural body to it that I love.

  5. Might as well try. Hmmm... 5 things about me:
    I am good at writing (stories and poetry and stuff)
    I am fairly creative. I love doing hands on things school projects, scrapbooking, etc.
    I can cook well (or at least I think so)
    I stand up for what I believe in and trust me in highschool thats a much needed trait.
    I am good with little kids

    That was HARD I could sure use this challenge, because although I haven't posted about it I do feel very inadiqite compared to all my sisters.I will definately work hard on this challenge this week.

  6. I'll jump in, too!
    1) I can sing really well.
    2) I'm a smart girl - seriously, I got all A's in my 1-yr Masters program last year.
    3) I'm successful professionally - I currently have my dream job.
    4) I'm a pretty good cook, and love to share my table and home with friends.
    5) I'm the best "mommy" a dog could ever want - just ask my lab, Fred!

    What a great challenge!

  7. Wow! I like this challenge but honestly its going to be extremely hard for me.

    1. I have empathy for others and can usually understand where they are coming from.
    2. I love baking and Im good at it.
    3. Im photogenic.
    4. When I set my mind on something... I do it. No matter how hard or far fetched.
    5. I am quite spiritual and always try to keep an eternal perspective.

    Okay, Im going to be very honest. This is a scary challenge for Moms. The "world" does try to put us down and I have allowed it in many ways, unfortunately. Thank you Camille. Its nice to actually think of yourself in a kind way. I want to do this challenge and continue it. I can't help but think.... if there were more "Moms" who really knew and understood their worth imagine what "we" all could accomplish!

  8. Ok, I am in. Obviously I need this one, because I'm sitting here wondering what on earth I shall put as my 5 items!
    1- I am an excellent grammarian/punctuater.
    2- I enjoy learning about different cultures, and when I travel, I look forward to this aspect, instead of wishing everything were American.
    3- I am a very fast typist.
    4- Words come together on the page for me in wonderful ways. Don't ask me to speak in public though. My talent does not extend that far.
    5- I am working on being a better forgiver. I'm not perfect at it yet, but I'm working on it.

  9. hmm...5 things

    1. I make stuff, some of it is even good enough to sell
    2. I did awesome in college--for some reason I found my niche in college courses
    3. Even when things don't work out perfectly I'm good at recongizing what I learned (which by the way is very useful in the realm of making stuff)
    4. I maintain my weight easily
    5. I have a pretty good business mind--

    That was hard.

  10. I have always felt like the Lord only blessed me with one talent, I feel like he blessed me big time with that one, but the rest I feel like I have had to work hard to achieve but I'll see if I can make the list stretch!

    1. I have a great musical ability. I can sing rather well and I pick up instruments like nobody's business. I have seriously toyed with the idea of trying out for American Idol - I think I might have a real shot at it.

    2. Well, I was told that I was a great jr. high school teacher. That one really surprised me because I think it was the hardest thing I have ever done.

    3. I work really hard to master things - college, motherhood, music, weight loss, etc. I put the time in, I don't make excuses and I don't give up!

    4. I make to-die-for chocolate chip cookies.

    5. My brother told me that I got a really good sense of humor after I got married. I don't know why it took so long, I think I was always worried about saying the wrong thing in high school and people thinking I was a loser - now I just let it out, and surprisingly, people laugh. Thanks Kolby for helping me to be myself!

    In closing, let me just say that I felt sufficiently awkward while writing this. And boy, what a talented group of women who have responded to the challenge! So glad to blog in such great company!

  11. K seriously why is this so hard? It took a while to think of 5 things....that is a bad sign isn't it =)

    1- I can get along with just about every personality type. You know how some people just clash, I've never had that happen. Even if I don't exactly love the person I can get along with them no prob.

    2- I am patient (unless sleep deprived =)

    3- I am good at keeping our house germ free and am very good at disenfecting every door handle, phone, remote, chair top, faucet, etc. Basically anything anyone could ever think of touching (mostly from owning a motel and seeing how gross people really are)

    4- I am good at doing peoples hair for prom, weddings, pictures etc even though I have had no training, but wish I did.

    5- I forgive and forget sometimes too easily =)

    k that seriously took 15 minutes to accomplish. I have some serious issues with myself =)

  12. I know I said it was a great challenge, but I didn't think it would be so hard.
    1) I am honest.
    2) I have a fun personality. I think I make people feel comfortable and happy.
    3) I have pretty eyes.
    4) I am a loyal and good friend. I try to go out of my way for my friendships.
    5) I am good at reading. I mean I love reading books. I really like that about me.

  13. Great Challenge Camille! It's nice to think positivly about ourselves, even if we have to really work at it. My five are:
    1- I am a great baker.
    2- I am a good listener.
    3- I have a green thumb and don't know how I do it.
    4- I love the colors of my eyes, and they change with the clothes I wear.
    5- I am a hard worker.

  14. By the way- I should not take all the credit for this post- blogger Savannah (see first comment) emailed me the idea for a positive thinking challenge. So, thanks Savannah!

  15. Okay, I had to have a day to think about what I was going to write:

    1. I am great at finding symbolism and meaning in almost anything. It started with books and movies, but over time I've been able to find it in everyday things.
    2. I like my smile...it's big.
    3. I am great at making lists...things to do, places to go, goals to accomplish, things to buy, etc.
    4. I don't have a solo voice, but I sure can blend in with the choir and hold strong to the alto part.
    5. I like my finger nails...they're long and natural and great for scratching backs.

  16. My 5 things....
    1. I am a good housekeeper - you could eat off my floor 9 days out of 10.
    2. I have pretty eyes
    3. I worked really hard to get into my pre-baby clothes after #2 and did it.
    4. I'm a good cook.
    5. I'm a good decorator, my home looks beautiful (at least a few people think so!)
    That was a lot harder than I thought it would be - three things is kind of easy, but 5 - whew - I've been sitting her for about 10 minutes! Great challenge! Thanks for the blog, I love it!

  17. Here's mine.

    1. I really, deeply love my family and they know it

    2. I’m proactively working on improving myself

    3. I can organize and improvise

    4. I’m usually good at not taking myself too seriously

    5. I have shiny, thick, healthy hair

    That's harder to do than it looks. Maybe it's one of those things you have to practice to be good at.

  18. Ok, this is the tenth time I've started this comment... why is it so hard to see the positive things in ourselves? I've really struggled with this challenge, but I guess I'm going to give it a shot! I always joke that I was in the bathroom when God handed out the talents, but... here it goes!
    1 ~ I can make friends with just about anyone and make them feel comfortable.
    2 ~ I am a very good trauma nurse... I keep my cool in times of incredible stress.
    3 ~ I'm a good YW leader (I should be by now, I've done it for 5 years).
    4 ~ I've very dependable.
    5 ~ I feel like I'm a good listener, I try really hard to be a good friend.

    Wow! Camille, that was HARD! I don't like talking about myself, and especially not the good qualities! I guess that's why this is so good for me! I'll thank you later, after I stop feeling self-conscious! :)

  19. Well, I read this 2 days ago and I thought...5 things...I can do it. Well, 2 days later I am writing this and I am not sure if I can come up with 5 things. We will see...

    1. I am a very (yes, Camille OCD) clean person.
    2. I love yard work...including growing a garden. Most of the time things grow really well.
    3. I am not afraid of a challenge. I really enjoy them!
    4. I am very loyal to my family and friends. It is best not mess with them.
    5. I love to read. I was even able to teach my 2yr old the love of books.

    Well, I did it. That was much harder than I thought it would be.

  20. Deep posting Camille!! Um I am the worst at these sorts of things. I always find something to "fix" about myself!! but here I go
    1. I am extremely clean!! The ultimate definition of OCD
    2. I am a good friend. Since I live far from family, my friends are my family!!
    3. I have pretty good taste, clothes, decor, etc.
    **just so you all know..Im stuck**
    4. I am and extremely dedicated person with exercising, my calling in YW,being a vegetarian, and being a mom/wife
    5. I guess Im pretty funny (this might be a stretch, but I seem to make our friends laugh)

    Um I've got some work to do in the liking myself department! Thanks Camille.

  21. wow...okay, 5 things? let's see

    1. i am very personable. people comment to my husband how warm and friendly i am and love my bubbly personality

    2. although i do get nervous in front of people, i do okay! (that says alot from how i used to be!

    3. i'm a pretty good cook. :) i can follow a recipe nicely and have actually only burned meals very few times...and never enough to ruin it! yay!!

    4. i am empathetic. i pick up on peoples emotions and act accordingly...it is especially helpful in difusing possible blow ups.

    5. i love my feet...i think they are pretty cute!

    hooooooly cow! that really was tough. the sad thing is as soon as i thought about something to put down, my criticle voice would chime in. i didn't think it was that prominant. wow that is sad! thank you, it is definatly a challenge i needed!

  22. I feel like there is a giant red arrow pointing down on my head right now... I'm one of those women guilty of posting about feeling inadequate. What a week to have a melt-down! : ) The good news is I've been focusing on "seeing" these blessings in my life. So here comes fab five about me!
    1. My home is a welcoming, fun, comfortable place! My doors are always open and I love that there are always people - or their kids - coming and going.
    2. My favorite things about my body: my eyes and ankles. Random, but they look amazing in a great pair of heals! (My ankles, not my eyes.)
    3. I'm funny!
    4. I really love baking desserts... and they are so good!
    5. I love meeting new people. It's easy for me to strike up a conversation and make a new friend.

    It's great rubbing shoulders with all of you! Let's keep up the good work!

  23. I just came upon your blog, through someones elses, and I LOVE it! What a great idea! This is exactly how I have been feeling lately, and it is so nice to know that I'm not the only sahm with 3 kids, while putting myself aside. So thank you for the inspiration... 5 things...
    1. I love people with passion.
    2. I love to serve without being recognized.
    3. I LOVE being a mom
    4. I have pretty eyes
    5. I can actually cook good edible food, we'll have to talk about if it's actually healthy another time. :)Thanks so much! I already feel better! :)

  24. Uhhh...can't we all just shave our legs for another week? This is HARD!

    1. I'm a good mom.
    2. I'm an excellent wife.
    3. I am smart (whatever else I've questioned about myself, my intelligence was never one of them).
    4. Gorgeous green eyes with ridiculously long lashes.
    5. I am good at documenting my family's life through many different means (blogging just being one of them).

  25. How about a little humor with my 5? 1. My body is very efficient at storing extra calories.
    2. My gray hairs blend in well with my weave, so you can only see a few patches.
    3. I am a good cook and well, that is why my body has gotten real good at storing calories.
    4. I am an excellent procrastinator.
    5. I have been known to be creative when i am not busy working on storing extra calories.
    Sorry Camille, I am in a pitiful mood now and cannot find one good quality i like about myself at the moment or 5 moments ago or even 60 moments ago. I am good at finding my faults, does that count?

  26. I'll jump in! This will be hard, but worth it.

    1. I am very smart. I graduated valedictorian from my high school. In college I took a Genetics class - it was a class that everyone either failed or got a C. The really smart people got a B. I got an A.

    2. I have clear blue eyes that are very pretty.

    3. I am really good at baking. I make really pretty pies, after having taught myself how to make a great pie crust.

    4. I can stick to my diet. When my first baby was 7 months old, I started counting calories and lost 30 pounds in one summer. Now I'm working on getting to my ideal weight after baby number two. I already weigh less than I did when I got married, and am fully confident that I will reach my ideal weight by my baby's first birthday in July.

    5. I'm very musically talented. I sing well, both soprano and alto. And I play the piano, the organ, and the penny whistle.

    You know, that actually wasn't as hard as I thought it would be. I guess for me the challenge will be continuing to think positive for a whole week. I have very definite ups and downs, and I guess right now I'm up! Thanks for a great challenge!

  27. I had just got done self relfecting on how I'm not as good of mom/wife as I'd like to be when I read about this challenge on a friends blog. Talk about wake up call. I decided it was a 'sign' and allthough this is SUPER difficult, I accept. Oh, I really like reading everyone elses acknowledgemtns of their greatness. I know I'm gret too, I just don't take the time to be specific or focus on it, like you've pointed out, in the thick of things it can get easy to compare rather than appreciate the good in ourselves.
    1. I'm a great analyzer. Other people see this as argumentative hahaha. But I'm a PROBLEM SOLVER. (better for others than myself)
    2.(This might go along with #1.)
    I'm quite excellent at seeing all sides to a situation and focusing on the good. OPTIMISTIC
    3. I'm frequently ENTHUSIASTIC and ENERGETIC about life.
    4. I can sing church songs and show tunes well.
    5. I'm FUNNY, not really in a stand up comedian kind of way, but in a "she doesd things uniquely and is proud of it" kind of way.
    ooohhh I think I like this so much I got to do a 6th :)
    6. I am a very honest person.

  28. Okay, I've been thinking about this for several days now, just haven't actually sat down to write them. How hard is this though? I can think of a million things that I'm NOT great at, but to come up with 5 is torture. Here goes:
    1. I'm a good pianist
    2. I'm a good cook (I think so anyway).
    3. I have great hair. Even on 'ponytail' days, I have a head of hair that my stylist says people would kill for!
    4. I give good hugs.
    5. I love the color of my eyes...they're green.
    Geez, I got stuck after the 3rd one. There are several characteristics that I wish I had, but I must have been absent that day in Heaven when those were doled out.....

  29. It was really difficult coming up with one thing, let alone FIVE! (Ask me 5 years ago and it probably wouldn't have been as hard! Mostly because after having kids, I don't remember what I had for breakfast, let alone 5 positive things about myself!)
    1. I can be funny (and usually it's NOT the sarcastic type funny)
    2. I'm good at making friends, but even more importantly I make an effort to stay friends and to stay in contact.
    3. I'm cute. I have great, healthy & easy hair (now that I have cut a foot off!) and beautiful blue/green eyes.
    4. I am a perfectionist. If given a challenge/calling I will do it to the best of my ability and go BEYOND what was asked. (now I have to do that in my own life...lose weight)
    5. I am creative. I like doing crafty things, selling glass vinyl blocks, etc. making my home warm and inviting.

  30. whoa! don't think this is overload, but I have a 6th thing to add! Crazy, I know..I'm a great cook!