Each week i give a little "pep talk" to promote whatever challenge has been dreamed up. This week I am going to keep it short and simple.
I like short and simple. (5'2' and definitely simple.)
For your motivation, read yesterday's post.
For your challenge:


Do one simple good deed, to one that it will make a difference to. Shovel a walk for one person who can't. Leave a $10 bill for one in need. leave a quarter for one child without. Visit just one who is lonely.
One simple deed, one simple gift, one simple message of love.
Anyone simply in?


  1. Im on board - the kiddos and I are going to town this afternoon - will accept the challenge.

  2. I AM IN! This is the kind of challenge I have been waiting for and NEEDING!! Thank you for putting it out there!

  3. What a great way to get in the spirit! Thanks! I'm so stinkin excited about this one!

    Update: i only apologized three times last week. Two were needed cuz I was a dumdum and only one stupid I'm sorry! I really enjoy that I'm not sorry for everything anymore! Thanks

  4. Yes!

    (How's that for simple?)

    I'll post about it later this week.

  5. I love this challenge, and a perfect time of year to do it!!
    Thanks so much for having such a fun blog, it's always fun and inspiring to read your blog!!!
    Love ya!!

  6. This is a great challenge! I'm in!

  7. Love it, Camille! I'm totally in. And I'll start by asking you your mailing address so I can get this Build A Bear gift card to you! Email me at supermomcentral@yahoo.com

  8. Most definitely. Inspiring, as always!

  9. Love it, love it, love it! You're the greatest!!