Yesterday was filled with good food, lots of company and a clean house. Perfect right?
The guests were gracious enough to wash up all of the dishes. Their kids were hungry enough to gobble every last morsel of homemade doughnut to be found.
I went to bed exhausted and happy with the results of hard work and a little prayer. (Is it kosher to pray that the food you are serving your in-laws is delish?)
I woke up, happy in a clean house. Fast forward many lazy minutes later to when I decide to get the baby dressed for the day. Opening the bedroom closet door, I see it.
A little movement. Hear a little rustle. See a little brown fuzz whoosh by.

A mouse. Few things that can be found inside a home are more disgusting. Actually, I can't think of anything more disgusting. Now living in the country, across from a grain field, this was bound to happen a few weeks ago, but it didn't. The weather has stayed nice and the mice have stayed out.
No matter how many times we patch any hidden spots that the mice could get in, they still find a way.
So Gross.
Anyhow- I am sure some of you are dealing with the same thing. Here is the clincher though- I am a complete bi-polar wimp. Bi-polar in that my fear is unjustifiably, yet uncontrollably against all common sense.
When I see a live mouse, there is no screaming, jumping or standing on chairs. I find them intriguing. My brain switches to defense. I go to my cupboard of arsenal. Within minutes, 4 traps were distributed in the closet. 20 minutes later, success.
Now, for the screaming, weeping and wailing. I can't handle them once they are caught. I want them caught- but then, I see them up close. I see their beady little eyes, germy little bodies and imagine the nastiest of the nasty germs spreading like ripples. I had a great picture to post, but I would have to shut down this blog from all of the virtual mouse germs it would spread. You can be grossed out here.
I have been known to call my husband home from work to take care of a mouse caught in a trap. Today though, it was out of the question. I geared myself up. "I can do it! I can do it!" Got plastic sacks, I was ready.
It was still alive. "I can't do it. I can't do it!"
Remembering the neighbor boy down the road, I decided it was worth the change in the bottom of my crumb filled diaper bag to pay him to take care of it for me.
No such luck. He wasn't home. But, his mom was.
I said, "No, no it is ok. Never mind."
She came right over, marched right in, picked it up, took it out, killed it and threw it away.
I am forever indebted.
I am forever embarrassed.
Today, on Thankful Monday, I am really, really, really thankful for good neighbors.

What are you thankful for today? How do you handle mice?


  1. Oh my goodness!! You are soooo stinking funny! I love it!! I would have left it there until my hubby got home! :) that's how I roll. Then I would have left the house for the day, calling friends, go shopping or just wandering around a store!!
    But I wouldn't have done it with a mouse. I could handle a mouse. A snake on the other hand, raises my blood pressure as we speak. I can't even walk down the snake aisle at Petco...nope not gonna!
    If it was a snake in the closet, I would have to seal the WHOLE house down with something. I'd find something or just freaking move. Yeah moving would be better! I HATE snakes with a passion.
    Do you know what pet my hubby has dreamed of always having??? Yup you guessed it...a snake.

  2. PS it's not bi-polar, it's Mommy mode!! You do what you have to do toprotect your family. then after, you freak out! Been there, done that!

  3. ooohhh - we get lots of mice too. They really freak me out with their weird little paws and tiny poop. Ugh. I sick the cats on them. After all, that is the reason we have cats. (It's sure not because they are friendly...)

    So today I am thankful for my cats.

  4. We don't really have mice, but we have spiders and I totally freak out when I see them. I'd soo much rather have someone else kill them. If I'm up late at night and no one else is awake I STILL freak out. I even consider waking up my husband so I don't have to think about it's body squishing under my shoe. Ick. I hate spiders. That's AWESOME that your neighbor came and got rid of the mouse for you. I need a neighbor that will come and get rid of the spiders for me at midnight!

  5. Oh, I am so with you - mice are soooo gross!! When we still lived in Arkansas, we would get them in our house (so far none have shown up in our Utah apt!). My dad got us this thing that plugs in and supposedly emits some super high pitched noise that keeps them away. It worked - we never saw one in the house when we had that thing plugged in. I think it got it for $5-$6 at Wal-Mart.

  6. Yuck! Many of my (and my poor husband by default) most embarassing moments revolve around mice. I hate them, & as for your question, how do I handle them? I don't. I scream, I yell, I run, I climb until someone else can reassure me that it is dead without showing me physical evidence because I do not want to see it! I'm squirming just reading about it!

  7. I haven't dealt with mice yet, maybe there isn't enough 'country' around here to really have them but
    here is San Antonio, we get the HUGE cockroaches, the size of small mice (seriously) and I get freaked out the same way. They get in the house once in a while and I feel like I can SEE the germs radiating off their bodies. I seriously am getting heeby-geebies just thinking about them right now.
    When I was a kid, I remember my mom paying the neighbor kid to remove a dead mouse our cat brought in and dropped at her feet as a 'present.'
    Thankful Monday: My husband. He's amazing.

  8. I'm like that, in that someone else has to do it! My thing is spiders. As long as my husband is anywhere in the house, if I see a spider he's the one that has to squish it. I just can't do it myself!

    Ugh, creepy little critters just give me the heebie-jeebies!

  9. ohh i am so sorry that you had to have one of those creepy things in your house!!!!!Yuck, yuck, yuck!!! seems like we get at least one ever year. they are gross, i swear everytime they move they poop!!! I am one happy women if they are dead, the thought that they are alive in my house, is a thought i can't stand!!! i set the traps that kill them instantly and put on gloves to put them in a bag and then reset my traps. as long as it's dead i don't care i want it out of my house!!!

    on a more nicer note, i am thankful for 2 things, i was in charge of my 2 kids class halloween parties and i finally got them planned :) i am also glad i don't have any mice in my house. (knock on wood)

  10. FYI: mice like chocolate. We had two mice (at least, that's all we caught and I haven't seen any more mouse poop) and they ate into EVERY bag of chocolate chips that I had. It was horrid. I set traps and caught them. My husband disposed of them. I had to clean up all the mouse poop (I can't believe how much shows up in such a short time) and throw out all the bags of chocolate chips. :-(

  11. I know you said you did not want me to read your blog, but I did. I would come and kill your mouse too! I like killing them with broom handles or vacuume heads. There is something about taking your anger of their existence out on their heads. Sick I know, but it works for me! As for the thankful Monday theme, I am thankful I have tomorrow to live better than I did today!

  12. I hate mice. I am so sorry you have those little creatures coming inside of your home. They are evil.

  13. I have nothing to say about this post... because that would mean I have to think about what may be lurking in the walls of my 100 year old house. Shudder.

  14. It seems that no matter where we have lived, we've had something that has decided to dwell in our home with us. In AZ it was the giant cockroaches that someone else mentioned. We battled them for a good year before we got them all. Ick! Then in WI our rental house was infested with mice (and yes, they do like chocolate). It was SO nasty to open our utensil drawer and find those droppings on my spatula! We caught 14 mice in our traps before we decided to take drastic action and poison them. I cleared out the drawers and put poison inside and every morning I would disinfect every surface just in case any mice tracked poison around. In a few weeks we saw no more evidence of mice. Like you, I freaked out and did what needed to be done, but seeing the dead mouse I'd completely lose it. My husband had to deal with all of that. Fortunately, they all got caught in the night so my husband would get up and get them in the morning before I came down to the kitchen.
    Now that we are in MI, we have an even more terrifying problem. Bats! We haven't had tons but occasionally one of the little critters gets inside. They are like mice with wings (and possibly rabies) and I am absolutely paralyzed when I see one. I live in fear that one will get in when my husband isn't home and I don't know what I will do because I literally cannot move when I see one. The kids could be screaming and scared, but I would be frozen in place and helpless to catch the bat. Maybe if the phone was close enough, I could call 911.

    So anyway, I am SO THANKFUL to have my husband to deal with all of those nasty, nasty things!

  15. Ooooh I so don't envy you. You sound exactly like me when I see a spider, big or small. Brent always knows I have a job for him when he hears me say "Breeeeeent?"

    Don't be embarrassed for asking your neighbor for help. Hey, you made her a hero after all! This'll be one she can really make into a good story too:

    "It was a cold autumn day and I had just sat down to knit a new sweater, when there was a knock on the door. It was my delightful neighbor whose blog I just adore. The poor dear! She needed help, and there's no way I could deny her. There was a mouse. Not just any mouse either. It was the size of an elephant. Of course she couldn't handle it on her own! It was much too large, and with teeth as sharp as a chain saw. I admit, I got a little scared when I saw it too, but I knew that, for the sake of all humanity after us, this thing must be conquered. Let me tell you, folks, it wasn't pretty, but we survived. I'm just glad I could help. I don't like to think of what would've happened otherwise..."

    Don't you think it sounds intriguing? She could probably turn it into a book, which would of course be optioned into a big Hollywood blockbuster. All thanks to you.

    So today I am thankful that I got my house mostly clean yesterday (I forgot to dust the non-woods... I intended to do that this morning, but I'm not in a hurry. Yesterday was hard enough!) and that in my labours, I did NOT come across any mice, spiders, cockroaches, or freaky psycho dudes. :)