Wiping my way up the corporate ladder

Thankful Monday.

No media for 2 days?
What was I thinking?
I must admit failure.

Why is it that something I was without for so long- way back in '07, before Internet graced the cables wrapped so ungracefully around my house- was so hard to once again not have- even for a measly 48 hours?

Through my husband's work, we have lap tops at our beckon call. There are 3 in the house right now.
It seemed every time I passed through my family room, they were taunting me. You know, like:
Camille, come to us....we are much more fun than dishes....or laundry........ we don't care if you stay in your pajamas all day. We will let your baby slobber on us.....we would love to waste untold amounts of your time......

So, of course, like the good, ambitious mother that I am, I snuck a few log-ins, checked a few blogs, perused a few fave sites and sent a few e-mails.

You all realize that the challenges I post each week are more for me, what I know I need to work on- not so much what I think all of the rest of you need. I am selfish like that.
I really needed this last one- but not necessarily so that I stop using the media- just to remind myself to prioritize a little better.
Why do I love blogging so much? My husband doesn't get it, but I think that I have finally figured it out.
Back in the day, I loved to go to work. I really did. It was fun. I thrived on the busy pace and in's and out's of the business world. There was always drama to hear about and new people to meet. I had great friends at work.
Ever since I joined the labor force as a teen, my social circles always included my co-workers. Meggan in high school. Amy in college. Debbie in my "career" days. Of course, I can't forget Lindsy, Breanne, Patty, Lori, Hillary........... you get the idea.
Then, I took an early retirement.....unfortunately, "retiring" at the age of 23 doesn't offer a pension plan........to be a stay-at-home-mom.
I moved across the state, and began my new life of seclusion with my children. And, don't get me wrong, I love it, and for me, staying home with my kids is very rewarding..... but I have missed the camaraderie of co-workers. Even after living in this area for 5 years, I still feel that my real friends are back home, the ones who I have experienced things with.

Voila. I discovered blogs. All of the sudden, I have co-workers again. Friends. Women out there doing amazing things in the corporate world and women doing amazing things in the home world. And, the best part is that we are all sharing it with each other- our feats, and our failures.

There are other women going through exactly the same things I am going through. We have the similar work hours. The pay scale is comparable (non-existent), there are unlimited available positions, and we all have the same glamorous duties of wiping.
Yes, that is right. Wiping.

I am thankful today, on the great Ponytail Challenge Thankful Monday, for you, my "co-workers" and of course, my wiping career. What is the job description of a Wiper you might ask- well.......'

The ability to wipe: poop, mud, (sometimes you are unsure of which), food, soap, and any other "smooshable" substance off of a variety of surfaces, including: skin, wood, walls, carpet, toys, leather, fabric, plastic or hair. If you are extremely skilled, the ability to wipe poop out of hair must be acknowledged, however, not monetarily rewarded. No further info available on this particular situation- which I surely have sent to my repressed memory.

So, co-workers: what are you thankful for today?
AND- what is your job description?


  1. "Referee" comes to mind quite often!

  2. I am thankful for great friends who let me in on their secrets to being a better mother. I always learn a new way to handle tantrums, new ideas to entertain my kids, or whatever, from people I know are good mothers.

  3. Oh how funny...I was thinking that I am a 'Referree', and Amy beat me to it! I TRY to keep the physical part out of the arguments that happen between my 9 (almost 10) year old son and my 7 year old daughter, but sometimes with no avail. And as far as my 'real career', I work as a Quality Controller for a litigation coding company (almost 7 years now), and then my friend and I clean the law firm that her hubby works at on weekday evenings. Does that make me a 'Janitor???'

  4. I am Omnipotent Alien. Or rather, the person who knows where everything is, why it's there, and how to fix it if it breaks.

    I am also Official Person Who Makes Sure the Dog is Fed.

    (I would say "God," but that one's taken and it just seems wrong)

    I'm SO thankful for the fact that I can stay home and raise kids and be a homemaker, rather than having to go to a job everyday.

  5. Today I am thankful I am not in school like my husband...I don't know how he is still hanging in there. :) And today my job title is potty patrol...darn this potty training stuff!

  6. I am thankful that my husband now has a paying job and lots of hours - income is often taken for granted, but it sure is great!

    My job description: Right up there with Rachel, today I'm also on Potty Patrol. Zaylee has diarrhea, and still doesn't have the hang of pooping on the potty. Not having fun with that! My other job description is Chef, I like that one.

  7. Today I am thankful for days I can sleep in! (Teething and ear infections make for some rough nights.)

    As far as a job description, there's a song by three women called, "Just a Homemaker". It's on a CD called, "Womanhood: Enjoy to the End". The song lists the following occupations as "Homemaker": Economist, Accountant, Horticulturist, Maid, Chauffer, Chef, Marriage Counselor, Pro in Commerce and Trade, Reporter, Teacher, Bodyguard, Coach, Referee, Entertainment, Civil Service, Applied Psychology, Maintenance, Plumbing, Art, Pediatrics, Designer, Mechanic, Geriatrics, Fashion, Nursing, Secretary, Manager, Doctor, Decorator, Computer Operator, Politician, Cosmetologist, Marine Biologist, and Electrican.

    I think that covers the main points!

  8. My husband doesn't understand my obsession with blogging either. But I think you hit it on the nose, I miss interacting with other adults!!! I am very thankful to be a SAHM. Today I'm especially thankful for laughter. My 11 week old has just started laughing and it's the best thing in the world! And for some reason my 3 year old is the best at making him laugh which is even more precious! Children's laughter is the best.

  9. I am thankful for grubby grasping hands, clinging hugs and boundless laughter.

    My job description: Potty Trainer, Dish Washer, Head Cook, Book Reader, Putter to Bed... even if it gets a little monotonous, I'm glad that my girls are still young enough to want me around all the time. :)

  10. I have 3 blogs, and I just started in Jan. I took some time off the internet during our vacation in June, and it was good to set aside the addiction for awhile.

    I also love blogging, because it gives me a place to share my thoughts, and interact with other grown-ups. But taking the co-worker analogy: we shouldn't spend too much time at the water cooler. It's way too easy for me to spend all my time blogging and neglect the kids. Not good.

    I didn't accept the recent no media challenge, but I did try to work around the house and spend time with the kids first, and limit my internet time. It's good to take a whole day off once in awhile. I often set my timer and alternate between house/kids and internet.

    My job description lately is Referee and treaty negotiator.

  11. I am grateful for the blogging world also. It's a way to share what's going on in my world with friends, coworkers...maybe brag a little and definately help other people. My hubby doesn't get it either. But i really, really enjoy it!
    Right now my job includes snot wiper and apron maker!

  12. I joined you in complete failure of this challenge. I am thankful for a full pantry after an 1.5 hours of grocery shopping today. And my job description: 'feeder'
    I'm nursing the baby, spoon-feeding the baby, bribing my son with cookies to eat his sandwich, making my husband lunch, dinner, snacks, then the baby needs nursing again...and I'm hungry! My life revolves around feeding!