Auction: the down low, low down, 411

If you are just checking in this week, you might be wondering why I am auctioning my flab to fab Thursday away....... well, you know me- any excuse to not have to actually admit failure, hanging my head in shame......
Really though, click ahead to read about Stephanie Nielson & family, their tremendous trial, and the blog world pulling together to save the day- or at least help pay part of the road to recovery......

All auction items have been donated by women who are simply willing to help. They are giving their products, with no strings attached, for these fundraising efforts. Amazing.

Auction Rules
please note, as I have never ran an auction before, rules are subject to change, per any confusion or drama that may occur....... but rule #1 is set in stone.

1. All proceeds will go to the Stephanie and Christian Nielson Fund, via pay pal. If pay pal is not an option for you, I will help you work out another payment method. Easy Peasy.

2. Bids are to be made in the comment section of each item's post. Check the newest comment for the current high bid amount.

3. Bids need to be even dollar amounts. IE: $20, not $20.01

4. If you wish to bid anonymously, that is fine. Choose the anonymous setting in the comments, give yourself a wonderful secret identity and email me with who you are; ponytailchallenge@gmail.com
I swear on Clark Kent's name not to reveal your secret identity.

5. Auctions begin now. More may be added over the next few days.

6. Auctions end Tuesday, September 2nd, 11:59 pm

7. As a great big THANK YOU, anyone that bids will be entered into a drawing for a gift card to their favorite restaurant. Also, if you blog about these auctions & the Nielson family, you will get a chance. Do both and get 2 chances.

8. Confused? Me too. Basically: guilt free shopping. You will feel good about helping someone in need and help 4 beautiful kiddo's parents & extended family concentrate on healing- not paying bills.

If you have any questions, I will try to answer them quickly, via the comments section.
Happy bidding. Other blog auctions can be found via DesignMom.

Oh- and just to get the full auction experience, please imagine an auctioneers voice calling to you.....gimme 1 dollar, 2. Do I hear a fooouuurrr-uh? Four, four- going once, wup! In the back left corner 10, gimme 11......


  1. I blogged about the family & the auction & I bid on an item, so put my name in however many times...you figure out the math!

  2. Camille, I just submitted your site to Kirtsy.com. The more clicks it gets, it can make it to the front page, so everyone head over & look for it in the family section under up & coming.

  3. I blogged about this, AND sent out emails with a link to your blog!! Hopefully the bidding wars keep on going! :)

  4. Ok I blogged about this sweet family and the auction you are putting on, (you rock camille!) hopefully i will get to bid on something :)