Project Flabilicious.....Thursday Check-In

Flab to Fab....a realistic view

I don't really look like this when I exercise:

However, I am seemingly a perm away from turning my physique back into this look from my past:

So, I am continuing to exercise like this:

You do what you can!
40 lb. boy in the front + 10 lb baby in the back + 30 lb. toddler on my back = good workout with no membership fee.

My vacation was fabulous, but it is time for me to hop back on the flabilicious bus.
After last weeks' lament of my weigh-in woes, the scale is going to the trash. I am sending it with my husband to work to throw away so that I don't rescue it from the dumpster in a moment of weakness. I have lots of moments of weakness.....maybe they should be called weeks of weakness.

The plan?

An official 35 day goal. I have just over a month until I can check my results. I am not looking for a perfect number, just a noticeable change in the right direction. Something.
Thanks to the advice of many of you & your comments, this is going to be my new enemy.....I mean, best friend.....I mean, way to monitor things:

I am sure you wouldn't mind me sparing the details, but as I have mentioned before, I am using you all to stay obligated....I mean motivated.
I have 35 days to lose 2" from my natural waist, along with 2" from the area that is neither the waist nor the hips; my spare tire region....

You see, I seem to have recently confused the original plan. I have been eating many many many pumpkin chocolate chip muffins, (pure heaven I might add). I have mastered savoring every last bite of those babies.....but it is time to go pack to the original plan to master the muffin top- not eat all muffins in sight.

Some of you might think this is unrealistic, some of you might think this will be an easy goal, but that is the great thing- we are all so different. Make sure your goal is for you...not what some of the rest of us might think.

So, a little reminder for myself, and some of you who said you were also working on a little body shaping.....
Here is to hoping that this:

turns in to this:

July of 2008 is the greatest month ever for new habits to begin!

It is so dadgummed hot that you sweat without even trying- 105 degrees here today.

It is too hot to bake cookies, (or muffins- for that matter).

Gas is too expensive to drive to the store just for the cookies or muffins.

Fruits and veggies are everywhere and taste so much better this time of year. Vegetables? Really? Do I have to? Low fat ranch dressings have come a long ways my friends!

My idea for today is to brush your teeth with the freshest mintiest paste you have any time you feel the need to munch. It really does take away cravings. Your waist line (or lack thereof), and dentist will thank you.

What simple tips do you have?

Also, if any of you really are wanting to join this Project Flabilicious, let me know, and I will be happy to "check in" on you as well. Accountability isn't just for the kids anymore.


  1. I'm there! I have been on a 2 week vacation and have gained a few..MAN! Anyway, I am back on the weight loss bandwagon and would love to be held accountable!!

  2. This is such a fun blog!! I saw it on most of the people's blog's from high school and finally checked it out. You motivate me taking your 3 kids on a walk!! Thanks!

  3. Sorry we didn;t get to see you guys much. I promise you can blame it on my cold and the horrible headache I had from the congestion. I didn't want anyone getting sick from me. It had nothing to do with not wanting to plan the family reunion :)

  4. Ok, easy tricks...
    First, every morning (or better yet, the night before) put waterbottles in the fridge. Enough to get your 8 glasses a day. It's a lot easier to measure and keep track of if you just know that you have to drink 4 of these, or all that's in the fridge.
    Second, gum. Sugarfree gum is a good craving buster as well.

  5. It's great to check your progress with measurements instead of or in addition to weight. That's what I've been doing, and it's so thrilling to find out that you've lost an inch! I've been losing weight and have only five more pounds to go. But lately I've been focusing a little less on the weight aspect, and more on getting out and walking, getting fit, and especially learning to see myself as beautiful and slender. It's awesome!

  6. I also love pumpkin chocolate chip muffins, but mostly in the fall.

    I'm trying to lose baby weight (I have a 10 week old), and birth control weight from a year before that. Basically, I'm trying to get back to a weight (and size) that I haven't been in about two years. And I have never been an exerciser.

  7. HI!I am aiming for Labor day, to loose some inches in my spare tire area, and to get toned up! I work out every day for at least 30 minutes, and I take the weekend off. It helps to not get burned out! I have been doing this for a month, and YEA, its been good!

  8. I've found that exercising at the same time every day keeps me in the habit. That way nothing gets in the way and exercise time doesn't get put off until next year sometime.

  9. I found your blog on one of my friends and I have to tell you how much I love it! You are so creative and I am so glad you are doing a flabilicious challange! I made my own little goal board a few weeks ago and have been weighing in every saturday. So far 7 pounds gone from the baby weight and I would love to be held accountable! :)

  10. K, so I really want to do this. But I need someone to stay on me or I will slack. If I give you my e-mail address will you "CHECK" in on me? And I am with you on the measuring thing, I step on the scale and it is discouraging when I work so hard and I only lose one or so pounds in a week. So if I check my measurments and see that I am losing inches it might make me feel better.


  11. I have to say I have been in the "slacker" catagory for 4 months now. It is a HORRIBLE catagory to be in, however I am taking the first step to get out of it. Thanks Camille for holding me accountable. Second step--register for the triathalon I've been on and off again training for--no more slacking!

  12. I don't know if I'm too late to start this one, but this one was sooo me. My cousin, a few friends and I started a blog called The Shady Glen as a weight-loss/healthful eating/exercise accountability blog a couple of months ago, where we track what we eat (everything) and when we exercise, and we do our own little weigh-ins. Mine is every week. Well, I was doing really great the first few weeks of it, and then somehow (so the story goes...) I have been eating like a MANIAC and exercising hardly at all, and now I feel too guilty to post, which was the whole point of it anyway. SO, that being said, I accept this challenge. I am about to stand up, go brush my teeth, clean up the kitchen, and take the Boys on a walk, after starting today's post for the Glen. Time to be accountable. Thanks for the push in the right direction!