a few lessons learned

I have been traveling this week, thus the lack of self-deprecating humor on this blog. Hopefully, all of you legions of Ponytail Challengers are not too impatient with my lack-luster entertainment this week.

So, far I have learned in my travels:

1 mom and 3 children, (ages 4, 2 and 3 months) can survive 5 hours in a vehicle by playing "Paper, Rock, Scissors" over and over and over and over and over and over and over again. And, then, play it one more time, just for fun.

Crossing you fingers and making a wish does not make your vehicle get better gas mileage.

Yellow suckers have the best flavor. It only takes 8 suckers to come to that conclusion.

9 children under the age of 6 can get along for several days as long as there is a case of fruit snacks.

DO NOT take 9 children under the age of 6 to a college graduation ceremony and expect to actually watch.....or listen.... to the ceremony.

Fancy ladies should not sit in front of 9 children at a graduation ceremony.

Your 3-month-old baby should not make those little noises that accompany little smells, 6-inches behind fancy ladies' heads.

Do NOT let your 4-year-old stand next to the tech guy filming, recording and handling the audio at a college graduation ceremony. Tecg-guy gets a little nervous.

4-year-olds really like tech guy's lap top.

If you are throwing a party, the turn-out is probably much better if you actually invite people.

Taking your 4-year-old to the dentist and leaving $800 and 6 cavities later will not make a mother feel good about her mothering skills.

If the dentist office brings the mother close to tears, the child will get extra prizes and not one, but 2 really cool toothbrushes.

Yes- I said 6 cavities, I didn't believe it either, and yes, I feel really bad. Yes, we are now flossing....often. No, we will not be eating cases of fruit snacks or sucking on suckers during 5 hour car drives anymore.

By the way, all of these lessons were learned with smooth legs. As I hung my head in shame, I was looking at darling bright red polished toenails. It made all the difference. (see "L is for legs" challenge below)

I am sure there will be a few more enlightening lessons that I will learn in the next few days. Until then.....


  1. That is incredibly funny! :) It is funny the lessons we learn along the way, isn't it!?!? :) But I am glad you can look and laugh--with the exception of the dentist. DANG! 6 CAVITIES? Wow!! :) Maybe next time you should just AVOID the dentist... jk! :)

    Hope your show went well!! I wish, oh wish, I could buy one of those awesome dresses!

  2. Too true, too true. What's a mom to do if she can't make peace with fruit snacks? Carrots just don't seem to work as well...

  3. I just paid off my huge dentist bill last month. I'm afraid to take Isaac in!

    Thanks for the fab-u party, I liked that it was small.

  4. I learned this road trip lesson the hard way, too - A 22-hour drive behind a moving van to Oklahoma with the flu! I'm just lucky I had my mom in the car with me. Do you know she changed a poopy diaper mid drive and never even got the baby out of her car seat? Now that's real skill! Sorry about the dentist bill, if it makes you feel any better, we have to treat for termites this week and we have the pleasure of forking over $700 from our treasured tax refund. Hang in there and just keep rubbing your smooth legs!

  5. Oh camille what a bummer!!! my kids managed to have pretty evenly space teeth so the "in betweens" are pretty much ok. But it probs doesn't hurt to have a mom who is a "retired" dental assistant who is incredibly anal about teeth!! did the dentist suggest using ACT or another form of flouride? It will really help and yeah you're gonna have to cut out suckers, white bread, juice, milk, etc etc. before bed or a naptime. It just coats their teeth with sugar!! good luck and you are NOT a bad mom!!
    p.s. I want to check out your fam blog too

  6. My kids aren't the problem when it comes to the dentist. It's Cris. And he is annal about brushng and flosing. We are still paying on two root cannels and crowns for him. Our dental insurance is not that great. :( I'm not looking forward to our 12 hour drive in July with the kids. But at least we are going to drive most of it at night.

  7. Sounds like a typical family get together! Except for the cavities. I am glad you had fun! Sorry I missed the dress party.