a hairrible tragedy

Yesterday I did the typical mom stuff.

Grocery Store- check

Pre School- check

Visit Grandma- check

Run errands around town- check

Accidentally leave my baby daughter's hair bow/band in my own hair- check

After a very busy day and a somewhat mundane evening, I started to get ready for bed. When GASP I realized my hair had been in a ponytail all day and BIGGER GASP I had used a frilly baby headband. Not a little frilly one- the great big fat one. You know, the head bands that anyone over the age of 2 should not wearing.
I use these at home when I can't find an elastic for while I am cooking. (After-baby hair shedding- my family likes my food, but not the added protein from my hair.) Apparently the quick fix (of my hair- not the food) for breakfast stayed with me all day long.

I am sure the public thought I was stunning- just not the right kind of stunning.

Oops. Time to go back to #1 challenge for me.


  1. Try going out in public with bright purple eye shadow that your 3 year old put on you. Ya, I got some funny looks and couldn't figure out why untill I got home and looked in the mirror. She had done my makeup a few hours before and i forgot about it. :0

  2. Oh my goodness. See, I haven't even conquered Challenge number 1 yet. Yesterday I decided I'd see if I could straighten my newly-cut-and-permed hair, just for kicks. It did NOT work out. But this morning, I had no time to get ready before I needed to take the Boys on our morning walk. We decided to go a different route and walk by Daddy's work, and on the way home, we stopped in to say hi. The nice ladies at the office said, "What cute Boys you have!" instead of, "What are you DOING with your hair??" So yea, I said the straightening didn't work. Well, this is how much it DIDN'T work: it is about ten miles high (and I did just get it cut to above shoulder-length! How that's possible is for Einstein to figure out), kinked in the strangest angles, curly on the underside and sticking up through gaps in the top layers, and to top it all off, I'd pulled it back in a headband that just accented how awful it looked!

  3. Its nice to know i am not the only one out there that still uses them. I am so lost when it comes to "COOL". or so I am told by 11 and 12 year olds. (BOOGERS)
    Well when I can afford the most amazing hair cut hopefully I wont need them anymore. Wish me luck, I am saving as we speak!

  4. OMG I almost forgot to tell you I went 14 1/2 days without a real ponytail. Yeah for me. I did put it up to mop and clean but when i left the house it was done nice and even PERFUME! and sometimes makeup. i missed 2 days because of kid with 24hr flu. but tomarrow back to no scrunchie.

  5. That is tragically HILARIOUS!! Thanks for sharing--love those "mom" moments!

  6. I once put one of Kenidee's clippy bows in my hair at my moms as we were walking out the door so I would'nt forget it, and we stopped by to pick up my computer that was getting fixed and when I got in the car again Robin said to me... ummmm nice bow! AAAGH

  7. Well, when I was newly married, I wasn't used to wearing my new underwear and went out without a shirt. Luckily, we lived in a basement apartment and I made it to the garage when I realized it. But I'm sure our new upstairs neighbors got a little worried I was a wacko! I felt like that little old secretary on the movie Splash - you know, the one who wears her bra over her clothes? Yep, I've got a one way ticket to crazy town!

  8. Hah! This post cracked me up! I haven't had any of these moments yet, but I'm sure they will happen =) I bet all the little girls thought you had the coolest ponytail ever!!